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Lagoon is on the cutting-edge of data science, finance, and alternative data. We are always searching for world-class talent to grow our team.

Who are we?
Lagoon is a diverse team of experts united by our shared vision of disrupting the investment world. We seek to revolutionize access to alternative data, analytics, and financial forecasting.

Who are we looking for?
Ambitious experts in a variety of fields who share our vision and values. Whether you’re a new-grad or industry-seasoned expert, Lagoon is the place for you.

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Senior Full-Stack Developer

Great opportunity to build the next generation platform connecting data and decision makers.


Data Analyst / Developer

Take a major role in the fusion between data science and finance.


Punch Above Your Weight Class

Until now the world of alternative-data analysis was too complex, too costly, and too difficult for all but the biggest firms. No longer. Lagoon allows small teams to leverage the best data quickly, easily, and more affordable than ever before. Join the whales and supercharge your analysis.

Stop relying on the same old data and
get an unfair advantage with Lagoon