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Lagoon’s mission is to democratize data for all. We believe that everyone should have access to the best data to make the most informed investment decisions, so we built Lagoon to make data analysis faster, easier, and more accessible to everyone.

Above all, Lagoon values transparency, access, and accountability. The capital markets and fintech have been dominated by too few for too long – it’s time for a new paradigm.

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Omri Stayer

Co-Founder & CEO

Amit Gilat

Amit Gilat

Co-Founder & CTO

Assaf Amitay

Co-Founder & CDSO

Yuval Gerstel

Yuval Gerstel

Senior Data Developer

Josh Offit

Head of Revenue and partnership

Ryan Leach

Ryan Leach


Steffanie Arelle

Product Lead

Dr. Ari Achiaz

Dr. Ari Achiaz

Product Innovation

Dorin Zrihen

Dorin Zrihen

Full Stack Developer

Ariel Moise

Full stack developer

Aviv Gavriel Shimoni

QA automation engineer

Amir Yavneh

Data Science Consultant


Adam Amitai

CEO stealth startup

Dr. Elan Sasson

CEO & Co-Founder
Data Science Group

Prof. Shimon Kogan

Finance Professor
MIT, Wharton, IDC

Michael Liberman

Founder & CEO Allposit

David Magerman

Managing Partner Differential Ventures

Oleg Movchan

Board member


External data is any data other than traditional financial data that an investor can use to better inform investment decisions. Examples include app usage, geo-location, website traffic, social sentiment etc…
Industry-leading firms, like Blackrock, Citadel, and Renaissance Group are already using External data to guide their investment strategies. They achieve higher returns and alpha by leveraging prohibitively expensive proprietary datasets, teams of data scientists, and virtually unlimited research budgets to craft their investment strategies.
Ten times lower than the industry average. Our mission is to level the playing-field and eliminate unfair advantages. That means giving equal access to cutting-edge data at a fair price point.
NO! Anyone can use Lagoon. Our platform is accessible to everyone, yet sophisticated and powerful enough to unlock the promise of alternative data in capital markets.

Resources & Use Cases

See how others have used Lagoon to generate real-world returns and outperform the market.

Etsy By examining real-time data (online advertising spend, hiring, and web-traffic) we concluded that traditional analysts had missed clear growth signals.

Delta Everyone knows that COVID numbers are down, flyers are up, and Summer 2021 is upon us, but this is only the surface. What story does the deeper alternative data tell us?

Starbucks Coffee was king during the work-from-home period, but as people get back into the world and into the office, with the Seattle coaster maintain its meteoric growth or come crashing back to reality? Find out how alternative data can provide context for the king of Coffee.

Tesla Alternative data tells us an interesting story. After examining real-time data (hiring, social media following and AI-based scoring) Tesla’s growth story may be far from over. The manufacturer is hiring more than ever, has more social-media reach than ever, and has an regained growth for AI-based scoring on fundamentals, technicals, and sentiment.

Uber COVID put real pressure on ride-hailing companies, but despite the challenges, alternative data appears to tell a more complete story. The real-time data (app usage and credit card transactions) suggests Uber is poised to outperform analysts’ estimates. See how we used active users and credit card transaction data to predict the company's performance well-ahead of earnings reports.

Walmart COVID-19 turned into business for online retailers and Walmart was no exception. The retailer profited immensely from the pandemic as their pre-COVID pivot to online sales bore fruit and their stock reached an ATH in late 20210. See how we tracked advertising spend and social sentiment to predict the retailers' key financials before quarterly earnings calls.


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