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Traditional financial data has guided the market for over 100 years. But in the era of big data, tech unicorns, and disruptive technologies the old ways are no longer the best ways. The top investors have an edge in data and analytics. Lagoon is leveling the playing field with unprecedented access to the best data sources, powerful no-code analytics, and actionable insights.

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Credit Cards Transactions

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Web Scraping


Alternative data is any data other than traditional financial data that an investor can use to better inform investment decisions. Examples include app usage, geo-location, website traffic, social sentiment etc…

Industry-leading firms, like Blackrock, Citadel, and Renaissance Group are already using Alternative data to guide their investment strategies. They achieve higher returns and alpha by leveraging prohibitively expensive proprietary datasets, teams of data scientists, and virtually unlimited research budgets to craft their investment strategies.

Lower than the industry average. Our mission is to level the playing-field and eliminate unfair advantages. That means giving equal access to cutting-edge data at a fair price point.
NO! Anyone can use Lagoon. Our platform is accessible to everyone, yet sophisticated and powerful enough to unlock the promise of alternative data in capital markets.

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