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Within the live streaming sector, competitive dynamics are intensifying. Slowing growth and increasing churn have to some extent impacted all major players, including Netflix, HBO and Hulu. 

Investors have apparently assumed FUBO TV is no exception as it’s stock has declined more than 75% since November 1st. Using Lagoon’s proprietary fusion of alternative data sources, we saw that coming! Fubo isn’t improving the conversion of its customers as they had hoped despite an increase in AOV, as well as growing its subscriber base at rates that would suggest they are bucking the broader industry trends. Tracking those KPIs in the upcoming months would be critical.

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Growth & Conversion KPIs

FuboTV Growth & Coversion KPIs

Lagoon fusion of alternative data sources: debit card transactions and app metrics

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Alternative data is any data other than traditional financial data that an investor can use to better inform investment decisions. Examples include app usage, geo-location, website traffic, social sentiment etc…

Industry-leading firms, like Blackrock, Citadel, and Renaissance Group are already using Alternative data to guide their investment strategies. They achieve higher returns and alpha by leveraging prohibitively expensive proprietary datasets, teams of data scientists, and virtually unlimited research budgets to craft their investment strategies.

Lower than the industry average. Our mission is to level the playing-field and eliminate unfair advantages. That means giving equal access to cutting-edge data at a fair price point.
NO! Anyone can use Lagoon. Our platform is accessible to everyone, yet sophisticated and powerful enough to unlock the promise of alternative data in capital markets.